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BioWare “Looking” at Mac Version of Star Wars: The Old Republic

Why was the decision made to not support the Mac at launch? Will there be a native Mac version later? Cory Butler: It Looks like I will BC this game.

Also, there was another interview where Bioware said no Mac client. Takes up too much work and they are trying to make this game profitable. Star Wars Old Republic is out for preorder.. Currently the number of mac users and requests we have for this game is minimal and financially doesn't make sense at this time. Most games which create a mac versions ultimately lose money due to the low user base. Even if this game becomes successful according to our standards, I doubt a mac version will ever be considered.

Financially the money necessary to create a version for the mac platform could be used in other areas to make Star Wars The Old Republic a better experience for the current player base. Some people already brought it up but: WoW was playable on Mac from day 1 - just like that. Anywaysies - no mac version no can try. I think it's kind of lame bioware won't release a Mac client for the game, bootcamp should not be necessary.

Originally Posted by The Ogdru Jahad. No, blizzard had a Mac client on launch of World of Warcraft, and indeed for every Blizzard game since the D2 expansion there have been simultaneous releases, Mac and PC. And the games before that, all the way back to Warcraft: Orcs and Humans, there was only a short delay for a Mac version. EA simply won't get my money. I know how money-hungry Blizzard is considered around here, but if Mac is so 'unprofitable' to support, why is 'money-hungry Blizzard' been supporting it so long? Originally Posted by mavfin.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Macintosh Repository

It should be in your downloads or on your desktop. Click express install and it will begin to install. If it asks for any updates or says that anything needs to be downloaded then accept it or click yes. Bioware has still not answered the prayers of these players. Instead, it was taken into the players hands to make a mac compatible version of the game.

Bootcamp allows users to partition a Windows operating system on their mac, but this takes up some hard drive and every time the user wants to switch operating systems they have to restart their computer.

My System Specs: Mac OS X Without this open, the game will be stuck on the loading screen and never take you to the character selection screen. Not needed anymore. The game no longer takes 3 to 6 Minutes to load when switching from different locations normally takes 20 sec to 1 min. Map Crash Bug Fixed: For a long time, there has been bug on computers with Intel graphics cards including Windows computers where whenever you hover your mouse over a map objective on the map or mini-map, or over the mission tracker, then the game would crash.

This effects a lot of Mac computers because most MacBooks use Intel graphics cards. Well on WineHQ, the bug has been fixed. After editing the two.

I did this by using the built-in custom wine-engine maker in Wineskin Winery, which created a wine bundle that could be read by Wineskin. You no longer need my custom wine engine. You can download the latest wine engine using Wineskin Winery and then changing to the latest wine engine by right clicking clicking with two finger on trackpad on a mac the game and then selecting "Show Package Contents". After that open the Wineskin app and click Advanced.

Afterwards, then select Tools tab and select "Change Engine Used". Then pick the latest wine engine that you just downloaded. Known Issues: The game will crash if you attempt to change graphic settings in-game. You can change any of the other settings in-game. No longer an issue. Sometimes the game does not start after you click the app. If this happens, just open the built-in app called Activity Monitor and then search for the keyword "wine".

After that, then force quit all the apps that have "wine" in the name. Make sure it has "wine" in the name and not "window".

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After you do that, just restart the game. The reason you have to do this is because if you keep on clicking the game app it will not do anything because all the wine background apps are still open. Some people encounter the problem where they are stuck on the loading screen directly after patching finished. I still don't know how to fix this problem.

Some ideas of how to fix this problem are in the comments below. Tell me if any fix the problem or none do.

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Unpack the wrapper with The Unarchiver or with any 7-zip unpacker. Drop the App into your Applications folder on your Mac. Start the wrapper and log-in with your user-account and patch the game. For me it took a whole day to patch the entire game.