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5 Beast Novel and Blog Writing Apps for Mac

Although not comparable with Ulysses, iA Writer offers standard customization options too. Coming to publishing and exporting, Ulysses and iA Writer are on the same boat. All the writings are automatically saved to and synced with iCloud. Still, iA Writer allows you choose other library locations as well. However, unlike Ulysses, iA Writer does not offer customizable backup options. But, you can access all your writings via your iPhone or iPad. It, however, offers a free trial for all the platforms. Unlike Ulysses and iA Writer, Manuscripts is a writing app with a specific purpose — scholarly writing.

The Best Pro Writing App for Mac (and iOS)

It lets you simplify a Herculean task of following the formatting style, keeping track of references and lots of other things. Of course, you can use Manuscripts for writing blog posts and normal fiction content, but it has the best performance when it comes to a Dissertation or Research Paper. Manuscripts has a fully-fledged interface, which is a requirement when it comes to scholarly writing. You will have access to the basic toolbars on top, and the sidebar helps for easy navigation.

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The USP here is simple: Manuscripts has been designed exclusively for academic writing and the job is done neatly. You can choose from popular templates and set up preferences even before you start writing.

If you are an academic scholar, you will really love the workflow offered by Manuscripts. Things are simple, but organized from the very start. For instance, before writing, you can choose the Citation style, word count limits etc. This is where Manuscripts disappoints most users.

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  7. In both of the tools we mentioned above, there was support for iCloud Sync or third-party backup. However, Manuscripts does not offer any kind of backup options. In case of sudden crashes, your data will be lost, which is a problem. If you ask us, Manuscripts has been designed for research enthusiasts and academic writers.

    There is a powerful community of writers behind this tool, which is great. The developers also say that Manuscripts will be made open-source in Scrivener is the perfect tool if you are looking for professional writing solutions. It has been made to write both fiction and non-fiction. But, most people use Scrivener for writing novels, screenplays and scripts.

    You can simply choose the template and start writing with this app. This tool does not rely on minimalism or the focused writing. Rather, its focus is on productivity. Best Writing Software for Novelists and Writers. Scrivener was not designed with simplicity in mind. On the other hand, it has a design suitable to help you create a novel, from scratch to publishing. Depending on the type of writing, you can have more templates and control over content. The best part about Scrivener is that it has tools for keeping track of characters and scenes without having to go back and read.

    You can start a document by choosing one template and make changes to that in the long run. When it comes to exporting, Scrivener has a lot of options — apart from common formats like Word and PDF. You can also export your novel into a Kindle eBook or an ePub-based eBook.

    Scrivener has dedicated options for backup, synchronization and overall security of your writings. You can set up sync between an external storage drive or your mobile device. It will be using Dropbox for sync, which is great. Altogether, the security aspect of Scrivener is impressive enough. Your writing app should be pleasant to use, adding as little friction and as few distractions as possible.

    Besides encouraging the writer to keep writing, some additional tools are useful, but they should keep out of the way as much as possible until they are needed. The last thing a writer needs is clutter. Those tools needed depend on the writer, and the writing task. There is the need for basic formatting, such as bold and underline, bullet points, headings and more, and some writers need additional options, including tables, mathematical and chemical formulas, and support for foreign languages.

    Spell check and word count are useful, and other statistics such as readability scores may be appreciated. Do you need to manage information other than the actual text of your document? Before starting to write, many writers like to leave time to let the ideas start to marinate. Brainstorming and research may need to be done.

    Planning the structure of the document may be important. Coming up with an outline of the main points is often useful. For fiction, keeping track of your characters is essential. Different writing apps may provide features to help with some or all of these tasks. Especially for longer documents, it can be very useful to see an overview of the structure.

    Outlines and index cards are two ways to achieve this.

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    They also make it easy to rearrange the structure of your document by dragging sections from one place to another. What happens when you finish writing? You may need to create a blog post, ebook or printed document, or you may first need to pass your document on to an editor. Export to Microsoft Word format can be useful—many editors will use its revision tools to move the document forward towards publishing. Some apps can publish directly to a number of blogging platforms. Or you may want to share or sell your document online in a common ebook format or as a PDF.

    We live in a multi-platform, multi-device world. You may start writing on your iMac, add some material on your MacBook Pro, and tweak a few sentences on your iPhone. You may even do some typing on a Windows PC.

    Best Book Writing Software: 13 Writing Tools For Authors [ Update]

    How many platforms does the app support? Does it have a document library that syncs between computers and devices? Does it keep track of previous revisions of your document in case you need to go back? Many writing apps are free or very reasonably priced. However, the most polished and powerful apps are also the most expensive.