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A future version of Camino will be updated to be compatible with Gatekeeper. How do I uninstall Camino? Simply drag the Camino icon to the Trash and empty the Trash. How do I upgrade Camino? Camino supports automatic updates. By default, Camino will notify you of a new release once it is available. You can also check for new releases manually by selecting Check for Updates… from the Camino menu.

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Click Install Update in the Software Update window, and Camino will download and install the new version for you. Your existing bookmarks, history, and settings will not be affected by the upgrade.

How to Uninstall AdBlock for Safari!

What is the difference between releases and nightlies? Releases are stable, well-tested versions of Camino that should be downloaded by the first-time user. Nightly builds are released every day and contain the very latest changes, including new features and new bugs.

Is Camino available in my language?

Since Camino is an open-source project, contributors are constantly translating Camino into other languages. You can check to see if Camino is available in your language on the Releases page. If Camino is not available in your language and you would like to translate it, visit the Camino Localization Project for more information.

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You can also look at the broader list of contributors who have registered with the Camino Localization Project and who are probably looking for teammates to help complete a translation. Where are my bookmarks, history, and other personal information saved? Camino is a product that is under constant development and there are still features we plan on adding in future releases. Having said that, we intend to keep Camino as simple and easy-to-use as possible, so we are reluctant to add every requested feature.

If there is a feature that you think really should be included, send us feedback. Does Camino support Firefox extensions? No, and it never will.

Adblock Plus • View topic - Adblockplus mac osx

Firefox extensions rely on XUL a user interface toolkit made by Mozilla to interact with the user and draw their interface. However, several popular extensions have been re-implemented as Camino preference panes or are built-in to Camino; see our migration Documentation for more information about these add-ons. Camino 2. How do I import bookmarks from my other browser? See our Documentation for information about how to work with bookmarks in Camino.

How do I customize the toolbar? Where are my passwords saved? Camino saves passwords in the Mac OS X Keychain, and it can read web page passwords saved in the Keychain by other applications, like Safari. All of the passwords that are added to the Keychain can be accessed and edited using Keychain Access , which is located in the Utilities folder inside the Applications folder. To have Camino fill out a form using this information, choose Fill Form from the Edit menu or add the Fill Form button to your toolbar.

What is the keyboard shortcut for [some feature]? See our Keyboard Shortcuts page for a full list of supported shortcuts. How do I create a tab group? See our Documentation for information about working with tabs in Camino.

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Does Camino have an ad-blocker? Camino includes an ad-blocker that blocks ads on most pages. You can enable it in the Web Features preference pane. If you see an ad get through, feel free to file a bug to help improve our ad-blocker. Camino automatically keeps track of pages that are open in case it quits unexpectedly, and the next time you launch Camino, you will have the option of restoring the pages that were open before the unexpected quit.

You can also configure Camino to restore the pages you were viewing when you chose to quit Camino; in the General preference pane, simply check the box for Load the pages that were open before quitting. Can Camino re-open the page I just closed? If you accidentally closed a page before you were done with it, you can open the page again by selecting it from the Recently Closed Pages menu in the History menu. Can Camino increase or decrease the size of everything on a web page?

If a page you are viewing offers an Atom or RSS feed, Camino will detect the feed and notify you by displaying the feed icon at the right edge of the location bar. Most helpful. Upon launching Safari browser, a Safariblock "welcome" message appears right in your face on top of the just launched Safari page.

I find it quite annoying. There's no apparent way to disable it from appearing. True you can easily quit the message but still, is the message really necessary?

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  6. And in ones face no less? Other than that annoyance, Safariblock is really fine. Like 6. It's a real pity that this app has been discontinued! I'm still using it in Safari on OS I can use a standard list and add my specific items. Simply perfect! Works very well on older macs.

    You are attempting to perform an activity that you have insufficient permissions for. Safari has become totally useless. There is no uninstall program that comes with this and searching for the files comes up empty. Hopefully if I re-install Safari I can have a functioning browser back. If some undesirable content isn't blocked, you can add it to the "block list" in one of the following ways:.

    That will give you some information about whether or not the url was blocked or allowed, and for what reason. Once you close the rules editor or click the Apply button, the new rules will be active. If some desirable content is accidentally getting caught by the Block rules a false positive , you can specifically allow content via an Allow rule. The method is similar to adding an Block rule, simply add the rule and under the filter tab select "Allow" instead of "Block".

    Allow rules are applied only after an Block rule has been matched.

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    PithHelmet has a test panel accessibly via the rule editor which will give you an explanation of what exactly PithHelmet thinks about a specified URL. In addition, the curious user can enable the PithHelmet. Please feel free to contact me via email - I'm interested to here your criticisms and thoughts.

    You can always read about the latest PithHelmet status in my development journal. There are also a number of pages on the PithHelmet section of my collaborative web site, Wikir. If you enjoy PithHelmet, please take a moment to register your copy.