How to reduce size of pdf files on mac

From here, you can choose suitable compression settings and preview the result after compression.

Method 1: Using Preview to reduce PDF size

Finally, click ' Save ' to confirm the change. And if you want to learn more PDF solutions, you can visit this page.

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Below are the steps to do so. Adobe Acrobat provides you with two ways to compress PDF files.

Preset Resize - Shrink PDF

Just follow the steps below:. There are some other methods to help you reduce PDF file size as well.

How to compress a PDF on Mac

Recreating your PDF is a simple way to decrease its size. By doing this, you can compress images in the file or remove unwanted objects. A PDF file will contain many elements, like annotations, links, bookmarks, form fields and others, which can be removed from your PDF file to reduce the file size.

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And PDFelement Pro can help you to remove these elements with its built-in editing tools. WinRAR can help you compress files to a smaller size. With PDFelement Pro for Mac, you have more options to choose from, including downsample, compression type, and lossless compression.

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  • How to compress a PDF on Mac.

Many Mac users might be frustrated when dealing with a scanned PDF. This kind of image-based PDF file can be challenging to edit, convert, or compress.

How to Reduce PDF File Size on Mac without Losing Quality

Just follow the simple steps below to do so:. You will get a notification bar asking if you to activate the OCR feature. Then choose Duplicate Filter , and double-click the resulting filter to rename it. I called mine Make Smaller. Go ahead and delete the first one, Image Sampling.

How to Shrink PDF File Size on Mac without Losing Quality?

Another time, you might also like to experiment with its settings to fine-tune the filter to your needs. That leaves us with Image Compression. Go ahead and click the triangle to expand the settings.

How to compress PDF files on Mac

Now you have your filter, what do you do with it? You used to be able to access these filters from right inside the Mac system print dialog, so you could apply them whenever you created a PDF. They took that out, Lord knows why. Click on None , and pick your previously created filter. Click Apply. The preview updates live to show you the effect your filter is having.

Go ahead and select some other filters to see what they do. Now, with your own filter applied, go ahead and save the new file. Not bad, right? If you use this trick often, you might consider keeping ColorSync Utility in your Dock for quicker access.

Shrink Preview files without ruining image quality | Macworld

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