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I will appreciate a payment in 40 days. You can request verification for native languages by completing a simple application that takes only a couple of minutes. Review native language verification applications submitted by your peers.

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Reviewing applications can be fun and only takes a few minutes. Working languages:. Send email. More actions PayPal accepted. What Roberto Lombino is working on. It is the translator that finds the exact word from the source to the target language that has to be used, as his job is to translate the idea of the source language person to the target language person as best as he can. English to Italian - Rates: 0.

This is especially important for the load type 'Self Weight'. The automatic self-weight of the structure is determined by the weight density and the cross-sectional surfaces of the used members. The coefficient of thermal expansion is important for the load types 'Temperature Change' and 'Temperature Differential'.

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Therefore the index M is used. Pertanto viene utilizzato l'indice M. Nella famiglia sorsero dei timori, che presto si rivelarono legittimi. Ma improvvisamente aveva le mani libere.

Gli altri Clary Aldringen con il fiato stretto, dicevano: "Ha preso dal principe Johan". Volevano indicare l'allora direttore generale di corte dei lavori edili, Johann Nepomuk Clary-Aldringen, il bisnonno di Carlos. Today, AOK has established long-term business relationships successfully with more than 65 countries in the world. A, Australia and German.

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Foundation Hi Tech Award Aochuan Corporation has achieved the prestigious Hi-Tech Award for Enterprise: by Chinese government This award is only given to enterprises that demonstrate substantial growth in research and development of High technology. AOK has set up two branch offices in Beijing and Shuzhou in Aochuan technology has achieved the "Shenzhen High-tech" Awards by Shenzhen Government in ; and achieved the "High-tech" Award by Chinese government in Our technical department can support our customers in the designing phase and help them to solve any kind of problems concerning electromagnetic interference or heat dissipation by using thermal management interfaces.

Service Welcome to AOK AOK is specialized in research, manufacture and selling of all kinds of thermal Conductive materials, insulation sheets and anti-shock materials, which satisfy the requirement of the industries of computer, electronic consumables, photoelectric, net-work and communication. It has a powerful technical development team, cooperates with many famous domestic universities, and tries to industrialize the relevant technical achievement.

There is a quality-inspector in each workshop.


They should do our quality management system, including raw material test, process test and finished product test. Quality test is controlled strictly to guarantee our good quality our products. Using thermal interface materials to improve Heat Sink thermal performance. Thermal management solutions The general 3C electronic products will have a thermal management problem.

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Today's electronics are smaller and more powerful than ever, leading to ever increasing thermal challenges for the systems designer. While fans, heat sinks, and even liquid cooling and thermoelectric devices can be used to provide enough cooling power, the problem remains to get the heat from the hot components into the cooling hardware. Thermal Interface Materials TIMs are designed to fill in air gaps and microscopic irregularities, resulting in dramatically lower thermal resistance and thus better cooling.

Thermal pads provided by AOK are used in a variety of electronic applications and industries including computers, laptops, tablet PCs, smart phones, routers, LEDs, solar, medical device, power supplies, wireless devices, and the automotive industry. A variety of specific compounds are available for a wide range of performance requirements in Sheets, Rolls, Die-cuts, Sleeves, Gel, Extrusions, and Moldings. We offer not only a technical team available to develop new electronics cooling thermal interface materials, but we also employ expert engineers offer support online.

Each material has its own unique properties that make it suitable for particular applications. AOK also providing solutions and advice on critical thermal management issues of the electric, electronic, microelectronic systems and in general of industrial applications that vigorously require heat transfer and dissipation for ensuring reliable operation. At AOK, we believe in providing our customers with all the information possible to assist in determining the optimum material for their requirements. Below is a list to help with your understanding of some of the more widely used materials that are available today.

Please contact AOK to consult with a representative and receive more detailed information. Excellent product quality with competitive price is AOK's absolute advantage. We recruit distributors who sell thermal interface materials and related products such as heatsink, Printed circuit board. Come industria con un marchio famoso, AOK quindi fa una solenne promessa ai suoi numerosi clienti: Scegliendo AOK e scegliete la sicurezza! Anno AOK ha allestito un ufficio vendite negli U. Migliaia di piccole aziende e grandi marchi si fidano di AOK. Anno Ha allestito il dipartimento del LED, di alimentazione, di laptop e Tablet PC, che fornisce soluzioni professionali per la gestione termica per i clienti in tutto il mondo.

Premio Hi-Tech La Aochuan Corporation ha ottenuto il prestigioso premio Hi-Tech per l'impresa: dal governo cinese Questo premio viene dato solo alle imprese cinesi che hanno dimostrato una crescita sostanziale nella ricerca e nello sviluppo di Hi-Tech. AOK ha allestito due succursali a Pechino e Shuzou nel La tecnologia Aochuan ha conseguito i premi "Hight-Tech Shenzen" dal governo di Shenzen nel ; ed ha conseguito il premio "High-Tech" dal governo cinese nel AOK considera i prodotti termoconduttivi al silicio ed i materiali di cambiamento di stato, come dei propri prodotti e la direzione dello sviluppo futuro.

Utilizzando materiali di interfaccia termica per migliorare le prestazioni termiche del dissipatore di calore. Soluzioni di gestione termica I prodotti elettronici 3C generali avranno un problema di gestione termica. Mentre i ventilatori, dissipatori di calore ed anche dispositivi con refrigeranti liquidi e termoelettrici si possono utilizzare per raffreddare sufficientemente, rimane il problema del trasferimento di calore dai componenti caldi nell'hardware di raffreddamento.

Offriamo non solo una squadra tecnica disponibile per sviluppare i materiali dei nuovi interfaccia elettronici di raffreddamento termico, ma impieghiamo anche ingegneri esperti che offrono l'assistenza online. Conoscenza del materiale dell'interfaccia termico Materiali termici AOK per soluzioni di gestione termica AOK si concentra su materiali di interfaccia termici - il leader mondiale nella gestione termica attraverso la tecnologia, l'innovazione ed il servizio!

AOK fornisce inoltre delle soluzioni e la consulenza sulle questioni di una gestione di situazione critica termica di sistemi elettrici, elettronici, microelettronici ed in generale su domande industriali che richiedono vigorosamente il trasferimento e la dissipazione di calore per assicurare un funzionamento affidabile. Alla AOK crediamo di fornire ai nostri clienti tutte le informazioni possibili per aiutarli a determinare il materiale ottimale per le loro esigenze.


Imparate di colpo la conoscenza dei materiali - Scegliete i materiali giusti per le vostre soluzioni di raffreddamento di elettronica! Assumiamo distributori per vendere i materiali dell'interfaccia termico e prodotti pertinenti come i dissipatori di calore, schede di circuiti stampati. The D is used as an example here. Launch a web browser and enter Select your country. Select your ISP.

Select your connection type, and fulfill the corresponding info if needed. Set your wireless SSID. Optional Set your wireless key. Recommended Click OK. Bridge When Bridge mode is enabled, this device works as a modem. If you wish to initiate a dialup directly from your PC for Internet access or enjoy the entire Internet connection by yourself instead of sharing it with others , you can select the Bridge.

No entries are needed. Enter the username and password provided by your ISP. If the CD does not run automatically, double click the CD. You will see the screen below. Select the responding product model, and click Start Setup and do as the onscreen instructions to set the router After above operations, if you build a successful connection, you can access the Internet now. If you enter a new key in the wireless key field and save it, the new key will work. If you do not know this information, ask your ISP to provide it. For more information, see User Guide.

Click Local Area Connection. Click Properties. Click OK. Click Open Network and Sharing Center.