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However, in my humble opinion, the problem is not related to my custom keyboard shortcuts. As a matter of fact I have the same problem on a brand new user, with the default keyboard shortcuts. Since a old user doesn't give any problem I copied manually the home folder from the old installation of Sierra to the new one , can I try to copy the 1Password folders from the old OS to the new one?

Or do you think is worthless? Hi ashortapnea -- definitely don't copy those Library folders over; they are specific to your previous installation. Can you try resetting the keyboard shortcuts in Preferences to the defaults, and seeing whether that works? I definitely respect your opinion, but we've not seen anything else right now in terms of keyboard shortcuts not working, other than what I described previously. This is what I see on a new user. The I've tried to set up 1Password on another Mac, running Here's the default settings.

It doesn't work. Hi ashortapnea ,. Starting fresh made the default keyboard shortcuts working again. I'll keep the default the shortcuts since they work. Beware of third party uninstallers when deleting 1PW. They can delete your data, so your passwords might be deleted too. Thanks for the update, ashortapnea , and for the reminder, danco. Good point. It appears there is a bug in the way we handle the preferences for keyboard shortcuts in the current version.

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The problem has been identified, our developers have created a solution, and we'll begin testing that solution soon. It does nothing. It's really annoying, as it's the main feature I use every day. Now it makes my day way more difficult. For sure, I won't wait too long before switching for a solution that allows me to use simple shortcuts.

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I have no issue with the shortcuts of all my other software. I deeply hope, you will solve it very quickly. Thanks for your comments, Morphe -- we hope we will solve it very quickly, also! Software troubleshooting isn't always straightforward, but this is a significant issue for many users, and represents a step backward in other words, it used to work, now it doesn't seem to, for some users. We're sorry you've been affected by this, and I'd urge you to keep an eye on updates, which is where you'd see mention of this issue having been addressed. Thanks for being a 1Password user, and for your patience with us as we work to solve this problem.

Morphe : see my post above; maybe it will work for you too, at least, until this is fixed thanks for responding Ben and Lars. And when I try to setup the shortcut you provide in 1Password, it writes "shift-option-command-:" which at the end is not the shortcut you advise me to use.

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If you have another suggestion, especially with a French keyboard layout, it will great. Morphe : I'm sorry, but we don't have a new version to release with a fix for this yet, though we're working on it.

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Are you saying that the keyboard shortcut you'd been using previously has stopped working? I've only seen that it isn't possible for some users to set new ones, not that they're being wiped out. Either way, we'll get this fixed. Thanks for your patience! Hi brenty. The issue is that I can setup a shortcut, but it didn't work.

I mean, the "Show the 1P mini" don't show. I tried 10x possible shortcuts but none of them worked. I assumed I had a conflict in shortcut in my mac, but it does not seem to be the case. I need to use "Shift-option" to access to this character. So I'm not able to set this shortcut in 1P to test the solution of jaylindell.

Hi Morphe - yep, that's the current bug; the Preferences for custom keyboard shortcuts are not saving properly. That's a problem for anyone who uses custom key bindings, but it's particularly an issue for people with keyboards where the layout is not the same as English due to layout.

As Brenty said, we're working on a fix for this, so keep an eye on the updates, we hope to have it out ASAP, because we know how important this is to many people's workflows. Sorry for the trouble! Hello, I'm on a Mac and I've changed the shortcut for filling login but it's not being picked-up. I've done this on my other machines before and never had a problem. Hi iamcoda -- I've merged your thread with an existing one, since you're not the only person to report this. I hope that's OK. You've hit a bug that appears to have been introduced in 1Password for Mac 6.

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It appears custom keyboard shortcut preferences are not being saved properly, but we won't know for sure until our devs can track it down. Fortunately, they're already at work on a fix for this. Until we have a new update to release hopefully soon! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

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  • Dec 18, 3, Central NY State of mind. Everthing's been fine since I first setup my Mac Mini over a year ago It's alsways worked before but I chalked it up to the web form not taking "pasted" input. But then I tried from a text document to an email I highlight text with the mouse, do Cmd-C and get a "bong" sound, then go to where I want to paste, do a Cmd-V and nothing gets pasted. I take it the "bong" means some sort of error or invalid input occured? I restarted the Mini and it worked for a while at least when I tried it right after logging in.

    Then yesterday I had to restart my Mini again and the shortcuts aren't working again. If I highlight text and then right-click the mouse and select copy, then move to where I want to paste and right-click and select paste it works fine I checked the sytem prefs, keyboard pane and saw nothing out of the ordinary Ashka macrumors a.

    Aug 9, 64 New Zealand. Try a different keyboard before changing anything on the Mac. Jul 20, 4, I've had a problem somewhat like this before.